What our customers say

Challenge Complete!

"We are very happy with the cellar cooling install you did at our place. I know the job was challenging with the difficult pipe run and parking restrictions not to mention the lack of working space while you did the install. Thanks for making the experience problem free for us and doing a great job."

Stewart, The Stovepipe - Manchester

Excellent work, fantastic service

I really appreciate the excellent work you did installing our new cellar cooler. Nice smart job and good workmanship leaving everything swept and tidy inside and out after the install.

Steve, Honley Socialist Club - Honley

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Cheers lads

You did a great job replacing our old cellar cooling. The new cooler is fantastic and chilling the cellar perfectly. I will be recommending you to all places when asked who to get to replace their cellar cooler.

Ray, Hornets Bar - Lancaster

Going above and beyond

I big big thanks for working so hard to get our brewery cellar cooler installed and keeping our customer's beer at 5c. We have had a lot of feedback from our customers, which had been very positive based on our investment. The results are they say that they have noticed a marked improvement in flavour from when we deliver the beer to them, through to the putter emptying the barrel. Our brewery cellar cooler means we can keep the beer in prime condition ready for delivery, especially during summer.

Paul, Shindigger Brewery - Manchester

Superb work

Highly recommended! I would like to say I am very happy with our new cellar cooling system. I appreciate the time and consideration you offered to make sure that the equipment and installation was perfect for our requirements. Top marks to you! P.S I know you were there in all weathers, relentless to get us up and running, cheers for that! It shows your commitment to your customers.

Lee, The Magnet - Stockport

WOW we are very impressed

I would like to extend much gratitude to you for turning round our urgent request. I am amazed how quickly you got everything sorted and installed. Our new cellar cooler is COOL! We will continue to recommend your cellar cooling systems service and wish you all the best.

Pip, Hebden Bridge Sports & Social Club - Hebden

Why Choose Us

At Cellar Cooling Systems we offer more than 15 years experience in evaluating and installing cellar cooling systems. We install cellar cooling UK wide, with thousands of installs completed.

As the specialists in cellar Cooling we are proud of our successes within the cellar cooler industry and continue to make sure Cellar Cooling Systems brings the best possible value for money and quality of cellar cooling equipment to our customer's businesses.

Our qualified engineers at Cellar Cooling Systems have installed for the likes of Whitbread, Marstons and Molson Coors (freehouses) over the many years of cellar cooler installations.

There is no shape or size of beer cellar that we haven't installed a beer cellar cooler in. From the smallest of cellars where space is at a premium to large double cellars with twin beer cellar coolers we have installed beer cellar cooling in them all. As the specialists in beer cellar cooling we can advise on how to get the best efficiency from your beer cellar cooler. 

If you have a very long cellar and have concerns about large varying degrees of temperature Cellar Cooling Systems can help you with that. We have the positive attitude of "there's a solution for everyone" and we have it.

Here at Cellar Cooling Systems your beer cellar cooler install and after sales service is in good hands.