Terms of Sale

What's included in the cost of the install?

  • Removing the refrigerant gas from your old cellar cooler if you have one and then removing the system.
  • Installing your new cellar cooling system equipment, which includes mounting the cellar fans and the outdoor condensing unit.
  • Running, brazing, insulating, and fixing the refrigeration pipework to connect your new equipment.
  • Wiring up the cellar fans to the outdoor condensing unit.
  • Connecting your new cellar cooling system to an electrical supply.
  • Plumbing the waste condensate water outlet of your new cellar cooler.

How much warranty comes with my new cellar cooler?

  • The equipment comes with 3 years manufacturers parts warranty.
  • The installation has a 3 year Cellar Cooling Systems breakdown labour warranty*

What type of cellar cooling system will I get?

  • A purposely designed and made cellar cooling system from the leading manufacturers of cellar cooling.
  • Thermostat controller to adjust and set your cellar temperature.
  • An outdoor condensing unit that is low noise to comply with residential noise level regulations.
  • A high speed low noise cellar fan to circulate air evenly around your cellar.
  • Non corrosive casings inside and out.
  • Cellar fans are designed to be wall or ceiling mounted.
  • Brewery specification cooling coil fins to reduce build up yeast deposits.
  • Compact and space saving.

What power supply do I need for my new cellar cooling system?

The power supply required ranges between 16Amps to 60Amps single phase and must be within 6m of the location where the cellar fans are mounted.  Our calculate results will show you what size of power supply you'll need for your new cellar cooler. 

Mains/fuse board power supply installation is available at an additional cost.

Do I need to supply drainage?

Yes, this needs to be within 6m of the cellar cooler fans. Some cellar coolers drain to a gully or a general waste pipe.

When drainage is not available we can offer an optional extra of a condensate pump tank to pump away the waste outside the building.

Is there a maximum distance for the cellar cooling pipework?

The maximum pipework run from the fans to the outside condensing unit is 15 meters. Longer pipe runs aren't a problem just let us know.

Are there any travel tariffs for locations within the UK?

Yes, please view our online cellar cooling cost calculator and enter your postcode? 


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* 3 years labour warranty is subject to a service maintenance carried out by Cellar Cooling Systems 12 and 24 months from the date of installation .